Saturday, September 22, 2007

Import Spreadsheets and Export Tables from LT

To import a spreadsheet (MSExcel used here for an example) into AutoCAD LT:

  1. Open the MSExcel file.
  2. Highlight the desired cells you want to import into LT.
  3. Choose Edit-->Copy from the pull down menu (copy selected cells to clipboard)
  4. Minimize MSExcel, do not close the program or you will lose the selected cells copied to the clipboard.
  5. Open LT and a new or current drawing.
  6. Choose Edit > Paste Special from the pull down menu.
  7. In the Paste Special dialogue box, choose "AutoCAD LT Entities".
  8. Choose an insertion point for the table. Remeber that the table size, text height ..etc, is based on the current Table Style.
To export from AutoCAD LT to a spreadsheet program (MSExcel used here for an example):
  1. Open LT and a drawing containing a completed table.
  2. Select the table and right-click.
  3. In the right-click menu choose the Export option.
  4. Save the table in a folder. Notice that the table is saved as a .CSV file (Comma Delimited).
  5. In MSExcel, go to File-->Open in the pull down menu.
  6. In the Open dialogue box, change the "Files of Type" option at the bottom to "All Files".
  7. Navigate to the folder containing the .CSV file and select the file to open.