Sunday, September 2, 2007

Track Plotting from AutoCAD/LT for FREE

Here ia a tip that will make you popular with you billing folks, plot tracking: LT offers a free and simple way to track each plot you do, whether an image (pdf, dwf etc.) or to your printer, or plotter. And every AutoCAD/LT seat can write to the same simgle file too.
  1. Go to the Plot and Publish tab in OPTIONS command. Click Automatically save plot and publish log, and select the Save one continuous plot log button.
  2. After enabling the feature, go to the Files tab in OPTIONS command, and find Plot and Publish Log Location: change the path to a shared directory all your AutoCAD/LT seats can access, then Click OK.
  3. AutoCAD will create a CSV (comma separated) file in that location. Each time someone sends a new plot it will be appended with the information about that plot. Open the CSV file with MSExcel or similar program to sort the file and generate a billing report for all your plotting.