Saturday, September 22, 2007

Free Online Tutorials Links

  • Lynn Allen's free video Tips and Tricks online HERE.
  • LT2008's new text/annotation features explored HERE.
  • Creating attributes: labels, tags and editable text inside blocks HERE and in this MOVIE. And in case you need it, here is a Block OVERVIEW as well as WBLOCK command. Many more links found HERE.
  • An overview of Palettes with Blocks HERE.
  • Help with PLOT command provided at the great SITE. And more importantly, understanding UNITS and Scales settings inside AutoCAD HERE.
  • CUI video tutorials HERE: originally developed for 2006, still very useful for an overview if you use later versions. Additional customization tips and ideas HERE.
  • eTransmit command, the best way to send/email drawing files to others HERE.
  • Using Groups in AutoCAD, tips and insight HERE.
  • Creating a Dynamic Block in LT2007 and higher HERE: this example creates a door block HERE to see it all in action.
  • Layers and Linetypes overviews HERE.
  • Dealing with gaps, either in lines, plines or hatch areas, click HERE.
  • Setting up text and dimensions, PART1 and PART2. More links on Dimensioning HERE and HERE for Text.
  • Selection options other than W and C discussed HERE.
  • Creating your own custom Plot Style Table (CTB) HERE.
  • Creating your own custom simple linetype HERE.
  • Creating and using Layer Filters HERE.
  • Learn how to best use Grips with objects in AutoCAD HERE.
  • Tables in AutoCAD are introduced HERE as well as this SITE.
  • Paperspace/Layouts overview explained in TWO VIDEOS. Many more links HERE. Examine some good links on VIEWPORTS as well.
  • OPTIONS command and it's many tabs and selections explained HERE.
  • Understanding Xrefs and paths HERE.
  • Using OTRACK, or Object Snap Tracking new to LT2007 and higher HERE.
  • POLAR, or Polarmode use, and alternative to ORTHO on/off discussed HERE.
  • Rotating views in your drawing discussed HERE.

For LT2008 tutorials on CD, 100 video lessons in 10-hours for one low cost, review the option to purchase HERE.

Free lessons here that comes from a great book LT2008 For Designers, click HERE.

More LT lessons here: LT2005, LT2007 and LT2008.