Saturday, September 8, 2007

No Linetypes in Layouts

LTSCALE is set and the linetypes in Modelspace appear as set: clicking over to Paperspace (Layout) shows no linetypes in the viewport. REGEN command does not solve the problem.

The user must change the setting for the layout variable PSLTCALE (or better yet, copy a preset Layout from a template that is set correctly instead of randomly starting a layout from scratch). PSLTSCALE controls linetype scaling of objects displayed in paperspace viewports.

The variable has two setting options:

0 (or off) Linetype dash lengths are based on the viewport scale, they are NOT the same spacing.

1 (or on) If TILEMODE is set to 0, dash lengths are based on paper space drawing units, even for objects in model space. For any linetype, the dash lengths of a line in a viewport are the same as the dash lengths of a line in paper space.

The Global Scale Factor value controls the LTSCALE system variable, which changes the linetype scale globally for both new and existing objects.
The Current Object Scale value controls the CELTSCALE system variable, which sets the linetype scale for new objects. The CELTSCALE value is multiplied by the LTSCALE value to get the displayed linetype scale. You can easily change linetype scales in your drawing either individually or globally. ◦