Sunday, May 27, 2012

AutoCAD Abilities You Can Control in LT

There are some abilities in full AutoCAD that LT cannot use fully, but you can at least control some of them. Here is a listing of items LT can manage:
  • Work with Fields: In AutoCAD, you can insert LispVariables fields, which are not available in
  • AutoCAD LT. However, the drawings created in AutoCAD that contain LispVariables can be opened without errors in AutoCAD LT, and the cached value is displayed.
  • Work with Multiple User Coordinate Systems: In AutoCAD, you can choose to use a different user coordinate system (UCS) in each viewport in a single drawing file. In AutoCAD LT, you can use only one UCS in each drawing file. The AutoCAD LT behavior is the same as it was in previous releases.
  • Work with AutoCAD LT 2D and 3D Solid Object Shading: In AutoCAD, visual styles provide shading  and wireframe options for objects in the current viewport. AutoCAD LT does not support visual  styles. The SHADEMODE command in AutoCAD LT provides only the 2D Wireframe and Hidden options.  You can use SHADEMODE in AutoCAD LT to turn off visual styles in viewports that were created in  AutoCAD.
  • Work with Constraints: You cannot create constraints within AutoCAD LT. With LT, you can View drawings containing constraints created using AutoCAD, plus View and edit the geometric and dimensional constraints.
  • Work with Dynamic Blocks: In AutoCAD, you can add new constraint parameters to a dynamic block  in the Block Editor. In AutoCAD LT, you can open drawings which include a block definition containing geometric or dimensional constraints or a block properties table but cannot add new parameters to the block definition.
  • Modify 3D Point Clouds: You cannot explode, index or attach a point cloud with AutoCAD LT. But you can open drawings created in AutoCAD that contain point clouds.
  • Turn Off Perspective View in an AutoCAD Drawing: Set the PERSPECTIVE system variable to 0 to turn off perspective view in an AutoCAD drawing that is open in AutoCAD LT. You cannot turn on perspective view in a drawing that is open in AutoCAD LT.