Sunday, September 2, 2007

LAYER tools built into LT

Starting with LT2007, almost all of the layer tools limited to Express Tools in full AutoCAD are now available as part of the core program. Below is an abbreviated list; unlike many free macros that LT users of earlier version used, these are not limited to current model or layout entities alone (they shoudl work on Xrefs and through layouts):

LAYCUR Changes the layer of selected objects to the current layer
LAYDEL Permanently deletes layer from drawing
LAYFRZ Freezes layers of selected objects
LAYISO Isolates layers of selected objects
LAYLCK Locks layer of selected object
LAYMCH Changes the layer of selected objects to the layer of a selected destination object
LAYMRG Merges two layers, and removes the first layer from the drawing
LAYOFF Turns of layers of selected objects
LAYON Turns on all layers in drawing
LAYTHW Thaws all layers
LAYTHW Thaws all layers in drawing
LAYULK Unlocks layers of selected object
LAYUNISO Turns on all layers that were turned off by the last LAYISO command.
LAYVPI Isolates an object's layer to the current viewport
LAYVPMODE Controls whether the layer utilities LAYISO, LAYFRZ and LAYOFF use VPFreeze or the standard layer Freeze or Off when used in a floating paper space viewport.
LAYWALK Dynamically displays objects on selected layers, more HERE
COPYTOLAYER to copy entities to another layer in your current file

If you are currently limited to older versions of LT, your choices are limited to macros available at many locations including our Add-Ons for your older versions and freely posted menu macro code at Autodesk's LT discussion area.