Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AutoCAD/LT for MAC 2014: It's here!

Revised Welcome Screen

The long anticipated 2014 release of AutoCAD for MAC was announced to all users on Subscription October 18, 2023. But no one could find it to download it (see HERE): but if you are on Subscription you can get it now, today, October 22, 2013.

So, what is new in AutoCAD for MAC 2014 edition? Let's first examine what end users are wishing for, a question we posed at the Autodesk Discussion Forums:
  • Would like to see camera / animation features.  Material import ability.
  • Usability in 3d, fix the bugs, bring it on par with Windows.
  • Start releasing the verticals.
  • Export layouts in pdf format. On windows platform the function seems pretty easy: different sizes sheets exporting in one pdf file. On mac all sheets can be combined in one pdf file but with the only one sheet size (A4, for example).
  • It could be great to see selection filters, multiline styles and ole objects.
  • IGES import.
  • DGN import
  • Express Tools
  • Smaller PDF output**
  • Retain window/palette positions after closing
  • Content Explorer.
  • Be able to Scale materials from the Material Browser for rendering, just as the Windows AutoCAD.
  • All windows version functions with mac interface.

Here is what Autodesk delivered with AutoCAD for Mac 2014:
  • Drawing Sync allows you to directly access your files from Autodesk 360 and synchronize them between your computer and the cloud (you will need to be signed in to Autodesk 360 first).
  • Package Drawing (Similar to eTransmit command in AutoCAD for Windows) allows you to quickly collect related files into a compressed folder for easy distribution or storage.
  • Retina Display Support.
  • Autodesk has revamped the Welcome Screen to create a more-functional experience.
    Now it’s easier to work with files when creating a new drawing or working on an existing one.
    It also gives the user quick access to learning materials, cloud storage, and helps connect with other AutoCAD for Mac users so you collaborate, share information, and solve problems.
  • Online Help: less cluttered and with focused search-based access to the information you need, mark pages for future reference and refine your search results by choosing the following topic types: Documentation, Installation & Deployment and Developer’s documentation.
  • Print Preview is now added to the Print Dialog/pop-up.
  • Smaller PDF output**.
  • Default SaveAs format: it's now possible to set a default save-as version for your drawing. To set your save-as version, visit the Preferences dialog found in the AutoCAD menu.
  • Software Security Enhancements: For non-LT users, it helps prevent loading and running of unauthorized or malicious AutoLISP applications.
  • FIND command fixes: when searching a text in a drawing, the view will not switch back and will remain after the text found and located. It is more convenient to search a text in a big drawing.
  • Hardware requirements have not changed much, most users will assume the low specs are acceptable until they use the software fully in production.
Another year, another version: end-user wish lists still rank AutoCAD for Windows features as the most favored items to be added but many have yet to make the transition over to the Apple format.