Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Autodesk Discussion Forums is a great location to read and post your questions and queries about all Autodesk products. For LT users, any and all versions of LT, the direct link is HERE.

Some other areas of interest to LT users appear at first to not exist, but they are just placed in some interesting locations.

For Print/Plot issues with LT, the ideal place to read or post is HERE.
For Dynamic Blocks issues with LT, the best discussion area to read or post is HERE.

For pointing devices (mouse or tablet) and displays (monitors), the discussion area is found HERE.
For Drafting Techniques, try this discussion area HERE.

Always remember to always include your LT version as a minimum when posting, include other relevant information bsed on where you post in as well (plotter/printer and driver in the Print/Plot, Mouse and mouse driver in the Pointing Devices areas etc.). ◦