Sunday, September 9, 2012

AutoCAD Tips that work in LT: Part 10

Below are posts from fellow AutoCAD users with tips that are of equal use to LT users. Explore each link and start being more productive tomorrow.
  • VMichl tip: The login name of the last "editor" of a DWG drawing is displayed in DWGPROPS command (Last saved in the Statistics tab).
  • Lynn Allen: Don't like the way #AutoCAD grips your centered MTEXT? Try setting CENTERMT to 1. (the Center grip will stay in place)
  • Jeff Bartels: Assign table cells an RGB 255,255,255 (white) fill color to always hide everything behind the table.
  • bcbenton: Can’t Detach an AutoCAD Reference File
  • Vladimir Michl: New CAD tip: How to set the Select objects mode for the Hatch command?
  • Edwin Prakoso: Do you need to copy and trim objects within a boundary? See this AutoCAD tip how to do it quickly!
  • R.K. McSwain: Copy between #AutoCAD drawings without using Cut & Paste
  • Works in LT “@cadpanacea: #AutoCAD tip -- double click the wheel to Zoom Extents”
  • Vladimir Michl: New CAD tip: How to lock layers without changing their color?
  • An LT Table tip to explore “@VMichl: New CAD tip: How to wrap a long parts list to multiple columns?
  • bcbenton: AutoCAD – Color Change – WHY?
  • LT2012 tip “@JeffBartels: Paste text from other apps into MTEXT? Right-click & choose "Paste Special" to remove formatting on insertion.”
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