Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tweets this week: LT2012 overdose for free

Below is a summary of topics we covered this week on Twitter. Autodesk released the next version of AutoCAD/LT, 2012, and we did our share of tweeting about it in depth.
  • LT2012: you can now BIND a DGN file.
  • LT2012: new Content Explorer can Search, find, index and retrieve drawing content locally, your network, on the web and Autodesk’s SEEK.
  • LT2012: preview frames around PDFs, DWFs and DGNs even if you have then turned off. Then you can Grip Edit them.
  • LT2012: OPEN command can now be set to start with your Template file without any pop-ups or prompts. Set STARTUP variable to 2.
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  • LT2012: VPLAYER and LAYER commands can freeze specific layers in all viewports except the current one you are in.
  • LT2012: did I mention Sheet Set Manager is finally available? Basic intro/tutorial here:  
  • R2012: they finally get LT’s quick-creation GROUP command feature. Both versions get Group Bounding Box: one grip to move and copy groups.
  • LT2012: accessing your toolbars is now easier and found in the RIBBON on the View Tab (not hidden).
  • LT2012: GROUPEDIT command allows you to add and remove objects from selected groups as well as UnGroup. And rename a group too.
  • LT2012: DSVIEWER and BLIPMODE are gone and unlike AutoCAD they can't be revived. Did anyone ever use them? I am curious how if you did.
  • Reply to @CadSetterOut The tweet is LT specific. There is no REDEFINE command so that tip is not applicable. Re-read my posting.
  • LT2012: HATCH performance is better with dense patterns. HPQUICKPREVIEWTIMEOUT variable helps limit the time AutoCAD spends previewing.
  • LT2012: if you are not using Grips and grip editing, you’re missing out on about a 1/4 (at least) of the enhancements.
  • LT2012: VIEWBACK command is similar to Zoom Previous, abbreviate and speed up your drafting. VIEWFORWARD command is like a redo of Viewback
  • LT2012: You can attach and handle more raster formats, including but not limited to PSD, MrSID, JPEG2000, ECW, NITF, HDR, DOQ and more.
  • Reply to @CadSetterOut MrSID file format owly:  
  • LT2012: PC3 files, PMP files, and plot style tables (STB/CTB) can reside in more than one folder. LT can find them in host file folder too.
  • LT2012: yes, you can now EXTEND a Spline. And FILLET, but it uses an Arc not a Spline.
  • LT2012: right click over a dimension and remove any dimstyle overrides.
  • LT2012: MTEXT background mask now remembers the last used fill color and border offset you used.
  • LT2012: Migration Tools now will move Tool Palettes, and allow you to UNDO a migration if you later change your mind or need to fix issues.
  • LT2012: Snap Mode changes so that the cursor only snaps to grid points when specifying points, not selecting objects.
  • RETWEET: Cadalyst_Mag Wondering what's new in #AutoCAD 2012? Here's your answer!  #adsk2012
  • LT2012: you can move, rotate and adjust the UCS icon with grips, just like all other AutoCAD objects.
  • LT2012: BLIPMODE is gone. Now you will have to torture the intern with something else.
  • LT2012: JOIN command has been freed. You can use more selection methods (like Window) and then let AutoCAD find and join what is possible.
  • LT2012: use Copy Nested Objects (NCOPY) to copy an object from a block or xref into the current drawing, much like COPY command.
  • LT2012: OVERKILL, The Delete Duplicate Objects tool, automatically cleans up your drawings by removing redundant or unneeded geometry.
  • LT2012: Preview Fillets and Chamfers when you pass the cursor over the second object in your selection before completing the command.
  • LT2012: you can now extend the leader in MLeader to the text. And set it as a default in the MLEADERSTYLE.
  • LT2012: BLEND command will connect two objects with a smooth spline for better transitions.
  • LT2012: ARRAYEDIT command to edit any elements of an Array (change properties, move around and still remain part of the array)
  • LT2012: select an object or objects, hold down the CTRL key and then move them with the keyboard arrow keys. NUDGE is a great addition.
  • LT2012: ARRAY is now real time, see the array as you move the cursor, rows and columns and distances between them
  • LT2012: Sheet Set Manager has finally been added, another full AutoCAD ability now in LT.
  • LT2012: COPY command can now mimic linear arrays by placing a specific number of copies between two points.
  • LT2012 now supports Hardware Acceleration, similar to full AutoCAD, and is turned on by default if your system is capable.
  • LTisACAD Blog: AutoCAD LT 2012 is here: what you need to know.
  • LT2012: Associative Arrays, Copy Array, BLEND, Overkill and NCopy from Express Tools, NUDGE, Fillet/Chamfer Previews, quicker startups.
  • PELLIPSE changes the way Ellipses are drawn (true ellipse vs Pline ellipse): it has no effect in previously created Ellipses.
  • Set PELLIPSE variable to 1 and you will then be able to draw and explode an ELLIPSE.
  • Start LINE command: PERP, snap at edge of circle; PERP, snap at the edge of second circle. LINE is between two circles' common centerline.
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