Friday, November 20, 2015

AutoCAD/LT 2016 for Mac (aka Mandalore) is here!

After a very long wait, Autodesk has finally released AutoCAD/LT for Mac version 2016 to the world. Autodesk continues to play catch-up with the Windows version when it comes to program features, and this 2016 version is no exception.

System Requirements

LT remains a resource hog on the Mac, and it's best run on the PRO series of hardware offered by Apple, if you own an iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini or any Mac after the year 2010 (not 2009 in my opinion as they list) it might just work with the correct OS:
  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Pro with Retina Display
And with the following Apple Operating Systems:
  • Mac OS X El Capitan v10.11 (or later)
  • Mac OS X Yosemite v10.10 (or later)
  • Mac OS X Mavericks v10.9 (or later)

New AutoCAD/LT 2016 for Mac Features

Core AutoCAD/LT for Windows tools added to the MAC versions
  • CHSPACE - Change objects from model space to paper space or vice versa.
  • PASTEORIG - Paste objects using original coordinates.
  • PASTEBLOCK - Paste objects as block.
Xref Server Path Mapping
  • References stored on Windows server can be found.
  • XREFPATHMAPPING command has been added.
  • Supports reference of DWG, PDF, Image, and datalink.
  • Path mapping edit after creation.
  • Supports all types of disk drives.
  • For new reference, path saves in Windows path pattern if a path mapping is defined.
Properties Inspector Enhancement
  • Add/Remove your favorite properties to "My Properties" tab basing on object type.
PDF Output Enhancement
  • Output PDF size reduced.
  • Truetype font text is recognizable in output PDF.
TrueType Font Performance Improvement In Canvas
  • Zoom/Pan performance improved.
  • Turn on/off this feature with "DTTEXT" system variable.
Revision Clouds
  • More options: Rectangular, Polygonal, Freehand, Modify (similar to Windows versions).
  • Better grip edit experience.
  • Dim command now can add multiple types of dimensions conveniently. One command to do it all.
  • Text wrap in dimensions.
  • Preset the layer of new dimensions by system variable DIMLAYER.
  • New "match property" button on Text Editor visor.
  • New toggle button on Text Editor visor to turn on/off the ruler.
  • New property "Text frame" has been added to enable you to create a border around Mtext objects.
Geometric Center Object Snap
  • Snap to Pline center.
  • Settings available in Draft Settings dialog and OSNAP system variable.
Command Preview
  • Preview the result during a command.
  • Extended to the BLEND, ERASE, STRETCH, ROTATE, and SCALE commands.
Commandline Enhancement
  • Mid-string command search.
  • Autocorrect command input.
  • Turn on/off this feature from commandline context menu.
Graphics Engine (and why non-Pro and older hardware will choke)
  • OpenGL Core Profile is enhanced and now enabled by default on capable graphics card. Improves overall performance, especially in 3D.
Xref Enhancements
  • Able to control the properties of objects in DWG underlay. XREFOVERRIDE system variable to turn it on/off.
  • Xref layers show in grey in Layer palette.
Line Smoothing
  • Anti-aliasing in 2D visual style.
  • Turn on/off line smoothing with system variable LINESMOOTHING.
Selection and Pre-Selection Effect Enhancement
  • More visible selection and pre-selection effect.
Notification Setting
  • Turn on/off receiving AutoCAD messages(except Update notifications) in Notification Center.
Support File Path
  • Clean up the list, some paths removed/hidden from the list.
Cloud Service
  • Cloud Storage Usage is now showing in the Application Preferences dialog Online page.
Multiple Language UI
  • No new Language versions added. Not sure why.
  • Switch UI language(English and French) via Preference dialog.
Express Tools Added (not in LT)

  • Convert Text to Mtext(TXT2MTXT)
  • Break-line Symbol (BREAKLINE)
  • Explode Attributes to Text(BURST)
  • Move/Copy/Rotate (MOCORO)
  • Replace Block…(BLOCKREPLACE)
  • Super Hatch (SUPERHATCH)

Section Objects Added (not in LT)

  • New "slice" option for sectionplane command.
Render Enhancements (not in LT)
  • Provide Cloud Rendering options. RENDERONLINE command.
  • Provide feedback channel for Rendering feature.