Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Favorite AutoCAD/LT social media sites

Do you enjoy reading? Are you interested in topic specific blogs? Have a Twitter account but not sure what to do with it? Google+ not being a plus in your life? What about Pinterest? Facebook? LinkedIn?

In no particular order, we are going to list some of our favorite social media authors and where you can find them on the big wide web. Pick one, pick a few, each is delivered differently so you decide which best suits your needs and lifestyle.

But first, since you are reading our Blog, here are the other locations where we post if you are interested in exploring with us:


If you like a good read, and like to seek them out, blogs are great: they get into a level of detail you can find useful and helpful. Our favorite AutoCAD/LT specific blogs are:

This is a great way to follow others that post often, read what they offer when you want, without going out hunting for them. At 140 character limit, these posts do tend to be short, sweet and to the point. You never have to post anything to stay on, but if you do, remember that the entire planet can see everything you write and post, forever.
Consider following these folks:
  • CADdigest: CAD news from Roopinder Tara and Ralph Grabowski
  • Cadalyst Magazine: Celebrating 30 years of delivering news, advice, tips, and product insight.
  • CAD Setter Out: Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.
  • AutoCAD Tips: Useful tips and LISP routines for everyday AutoCAD users.
  • CADnotes: Tutorials, tips and tricks to increase students and professionals productivity.
  • BCBENTON: CAD Writer, blogger, trainer & Author of AutoCAD Fundamentals & Advanced AutoCAD Techniques.
  • AutodeskHelp: Customer service crew at your beck & call 24/5 M-F in English. Ask them anything.

Do you live and breathe everything Google? Gmail and Google Apps a part of your daily routine? Google+ is made for you. Not as easy to understand as the other social media sites, and somewhat clunky, it's catching on and worth using if you are already a Google freak.
  • CADnotes: yes, they are even here, you might as well follow them soon.
  • Autodesk: news, views and information about current and future products.
  • Paul Munford: Cad Setter Out owners and blogger.
  • Scott Sheppard: Get the insider scoop from the Labs at Autodesk.
  • CAD-a-Blog: tips and tricks and info about AutoCAD.
  • Autodesk Help: catch them here too, 24/5 M-F.
If you'd rather join and participate in communities instead, consider joining some of these:
  • AutoCAD: Talk about AutoCAD, tech support, wishes, ideas...etc

So if you are not familiar with this social media site, think of it as a visual 'favorites' pin-up board for websites you want to keep track of for future reference. It can be organized into specific categories or if you like it can just be a dumping ground for future reference.

This video website has many Channels dedicated to many items, AutoCAD being no exception Here are some of our favorites:

Not just for connecting with friends and family, many companies and users offer professional pages for you to "like" and connect with other users.
  • Autodesk: They are everywhere.
  • AutoCAD: Tips, news and more.
  • CADXpert: sn interesting page with topics ranging from CAD to just about anything else.
  • AutoCAD Library: Share DWG files with others here.

The site for Professionals to network and stay connected, they also host many professional and software forums like AutoCAD. Check these out:

For sites with no specific host, we recommend the following: