Monday, January 13, 2014

Twitter Posts Revisited

Below is a summary of topics we covered recently on Twitter. Click on the links at the end of each topic and explore the command or feature in more detail in AutoCAD/LT's HELP.
  • Classic Tip that works with LT: Open AutoCAD With a DST File
  • LT2014 New Variable TOUCHMODE: For those using a touch-enabled screen or interface, controls the display of the Touch panel on the ribbon.
  • LT2014 New Variable TEXTJUSTIFY: Displays the default justification used by the TEXT command to create single-line text.
  • LT2014 New Variable CLAYOUT: Sets the current layout. Great add for customizations.
  • LT2014 New Command ONLINEOPENFOLDER: Opens your local Autodesk 360 folder in Windows Explorer.
  • LT2014's INSERTSEARCHOPTIONS: Controls settings for working with AutoComplete and AutoCorrect suggestions on the command line.
  • LT2014 New Command FILETAB: Displays the File tabs at the top of the drawing area. FILETABCLOSE to hide the File tabs.
  • Classic Tip that works with LT: Find Area of Nonclosing Objects
  • LT 2014: FILLET command can now be used to close a pline.
  • LT 2014: Multiple selections now supported for xref path and type changes.
  • LT2014 FILETABTHUMBHOVER: Specifies whether the model or layout loads in the drawing window when you hover over a file tab thumbnail.
  • LT2014 FILETABPREVIEW: Controls the type of preview, list view or thumbnail view, when you hover over a file tab.
  • LT2014's DIMCONTINUEMODE: pick the style of a continued dimension, the dimension that is being continued or the current dimension style
  • LT2014 New Variable HPPICKMODE: Sets whether the default method for identifying what to hatch is to select a point or to select an object.
  • LT2014's FILLET: Now fillets the first and last segments of an open polyline to create a closed object.
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