Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why upgrade to LT2012

This blog was triggered by a recent post (and many tweets and retweets of that post) that was trying to provide you with incentives to upgrade to LT2012, but instead (at least to this user) left a lot to be desired and may even turn you away from upgrading in the first place. Here It Is.

For you the AutoCAD/LT end-user here is a more practical and usable list (with links) of reasons we think you should consider LT2012 if you are in the market to update, upgrade or buy new:
  • Nudge: it's not a command but an ability, a keyboard arrow-keys action to move objects while holding down the CTRL key.
  • NCOPY (copy from inside an Xref or block or DGN Overlay to your current file, just like using COPY command).
  • OVERKILL command: Clean up your drawings by removing duplicate or unneeded geometry.
  • BLEND command creates splines between lines, arcs, polylines, splines, helixes and elliptical arcs..
  • Associative Arrays:
  • COPY command now does arrays too: quicker than copy and offset.
  • Sheet Set Manager: Organizes your drawing sheets, reduces steps to publish, automatically creates layout views, links sheet set information into title blocks and plot stamps, and performs tasks across a sheet set so everything is in one convenient place. More tips HERE.
  • AutoComplete takes the guess work out of remembering command names.
  • Grips Editing, more than just at Lines and Plines now: grip edit a dimension for example (try at the arrow, then at the text) and Mleaders. More Multi-functional Grips features HERE.
  • LT goes mobile: AutoCADWS is so integrated you are missing out if you don't use it. Check this TIP.
  • MLEADERs now extend all the way to the text, not just the imaginary text box.
  • The Quick Properties window is now the default when you double-click multiple objects. Previously, the Properties palette opened.
  • PURGE command will now also purge empty GROUPs (yes, they clutter your dwg files now, check them out and see).
  • JOIN command, use any selection method on many objects at one time: no more selecting one line then it's single line match. Just select them all and let AutoCAD figure ut all the obvious ones to join up. Do you know all the ways to select objects? Check this LIST.
  • CONTENT EXPLORER: what ADCenter lacked in block and content management.
  • Start LT from your template with no extra prompts or pop-ups or clicks: you can also start LT without having to open a blank file (for those of us that have always had heartburn about that fact).
  • GROUPs have a bounding box, so when you select a group instead of a clutter of grips you get a simple box appear around the objects. More on LT2012's Group command HERE.
  • GROUPEDIT to add and delete group objects without ungrouping and regrouping them.
  • VIEWBACK command, like Zoom Previous as a single command in LT: what can you do with it? How about abbreviating it to single letter to type(or two letters) like V or VB, and speed up zooming and panning with it. VIEWFORWARD is like an undo for Viewback.
  • Attach a Photoshop file (and a dozen new other formats like USGS photo formats, JPEG2000 and more).
  • Improvements to the UCS Icon.
  • Bind a DGN file, along with complex linetypes in it.
  • ARRAYEDIT command: tweak one element in an array without affecting the others.
  • FILLET and CHAMFER commands for Line/Plines/Splines include a preview feature, allowing you to change the fillet radius or chamfer distance before completing the command.
  • PC3/PMP and STB/CTB files can be anywhere, even your customer's unique folder.
  • Undo a migration from an older version without reinstalling.
  • LT2012 supports graphics cards hardware acceleration: check to see if yours is supported HERE.
  • YouTube - AutoCAD LT 2012 Drafting Tools HERE.
AutoCAD LT 2012 is available as a trial download HERE or you can try it online
In our next blog, we will explore in more depth the new commands and variables introduced and link to available tutorials and help files for your use. ◦