Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tweets this week: XLine, Bass, and edits

Below is a summary of topics we covered this week on Twitter. This week we cover the many abilities of XLINE command, text editing and one CEO's interview.
  • An old post that is still worth a read: reassigning F1 key (or any other keyboard F-key) to other commands in LT:  
  • Add some extra text in your dims and still keep the actual dimension: use <> when you edit a dimension's text with DDEDIT or PROPERTIES.
  • When you finish editing Mtext, instead of clicking OK button, just click in the background screen area to accept the changes you made.
  • LTisACAD Blog: OTRACK quick tip for AutoCAD/LT  
  • CNBC's interview with Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO:  
  • XLINE command can create Horizontal, Vertical, set Angle construction lines too: watch the command line for HOR, VER and ANG options.
  • Bisect an angle tip. Use XLINE command’s BISECT option: select the intersection point, then the first leg of the angle then the second.
  • XLINE command's Offset feature:  Resulting XLINE’s center point is the start point of the Line or PLine you offset from.
  • Restore any Dismissed Pop-ups that you turned off and now need back on by using OPTIONS command>System Tab>Hidden Messages Settings button
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