Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tweets this week

Below is a summary of topics we covered this week on Twitter, provided for those not able to follow our tweets. We post daily on the topic of AutoCAD/LT and features/abilities of interest to users. You can find us at

  • Explore the list of Autodesk University Featured Classes HERE.
  • VIEWGO command is a quick way to switch to your saved VIEW in a drawing file without going through the main dialog pop-up.
  • Alternatives to WIPEOUT command? With CECOLOR set to 255, use SOLID command or HATCH>Solid pattern. Control with DRAWORDER command.
  • iPhone/iPad apps for Project Managers, Professionals, Designers and AutoCAD Users? Start with this list:  
  • When in BEDIT command use the BATTORDER command to set the order the attributes will be prompted. See extra tip in forum  
  • PLINEGEN variable, if set to 1 may not display a segment of a dashed (or sim) Pline at each Vertex. Set it to 0 to see every one instead.
  • AutoCAD/LT 2011 New and not so common commands worth exploring again :
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