Friday, March 20, 2015

LT2016: New, Changed and dropped commands

New AutoCAD LT 2016 Commands and System Variables List:
  • CLOSEALLOTHER command: Closes all other open drawings, except the current active drawing.
  • DIGITALSIGN command: Provides a separate command to add a digital signature to a drawing. Removes the Digital Signature tab from the SECURITYOPTIONS command.
  • GOTOSTART command: Switches from the current active drawing to the Start tab.
  • SCRIPTCALL command: Executes a sequence of commands the same as the SCRIPT command, with the additional capability of also executing nested scripts.
  • SYSVARMONITOR command: Displays the System Variable Monitor dialog box.
  • DIMLAYER variable: Specifies a default layer for new dimensions.
  • DIMPICKBOX variable: Sets the object selection target height, in pixels within the DIM command.
  • DIMTXTRULER variable: Controls the display of ruler when editing a dimension text.
  • GALLERYVIEW variable: Controls the type of preview in the ribbon drop-down galleries.
  • LINEFADING variable: Controls whether line displays are faded when hardware acceleration is on and you have exceeded the line density limits.
  • LINEFADINGLEVEL variable: When hardware acceleration is on, controls the intensity of the line fading effect.
  • REVCLOUDCREATEMODE variable: Specifies the default input for creating revision clouds.
  • REVCLOUDGRIPS variable: Controls the number of grips displayed on a revision cloud.
  • SELECTIONEFFECTCOLOR variable: Sets the color of the glowing highlighting effect on object selection.
  • STARTINFOLDER variable: Stores the drive and folder path from where the product was started.
  • SYSMON variable: Specifies whether changes to system variables values are monitored.
  • WORKINGFOLDER variable: Stores the drive and folder path of the operating system's working folder or current directory for the process.
  • XREFOVERRIDE variable: Controls the display of object properties on referenced layers.

Updated AutoCAD LT 2016 Commands and System Variables LIST:
  • DIM command: Creates multiple types of dimensions within a single command session.
  • OPTIONS command's Online Tab: Automatic saving to your A360 Drive has been removed. Instead, save or copy the drawing files that you want to upload to your A360 account directly to your local A360 Drive folder.
  • PAGESETUP and PLOT commands: now display fully expanded and add PDF options button.
  • REVCLOUD command: Creates a revision cloud. New options for modifying an existing revision cloud and creating rectangular and polygonal revision cloud have been added. Rectangular is the new default revision cloud creation method.
  • UCS, VIEW and -VPORTS commands have been updated to include new features outlined above.

Obsolete AutoCAD LT 2016 Commands and System Variables List:
  • DIM1 command: Obsolete but still included in the product to maintain legacy script compatibility
  • NEWTAB command: Replaced by the Start tab. Use STARTMODE to control the display of the Start tab. Use GOTOSTART or Ctrl+Home to switch focus from the current drawing to the Start tab
  • WELCOMESCREEN variable: Removed.

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