Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tweets this week

Below is a summary of topics we covered this week on Twitter. We post daily on the topic of AutoCAD/LT and features/abilities of interest to users: you can find us at 
  • Need to find patches, known issues and updates quickly? Explore Autodesk's Knowledge Base webpage for information:  
  • LTisACAD Blog: LT2011 New (and older forgotten) Commands: Part 6 (finally!)
  • "Object selected is not a polyline, do you want to turn it into one?" Set PEDITACCEPT to 1 to answer yes and never see that qestion again.
  • AutoCAD/LT2011: Do you have many DWG files open right now? Type QVDRAWING command and get a preview of each one on screen.
  • LTisACAD Blog: LT2011 New (and older forgotten) Commands: Part 5
  • CLIP command is a single command to clip Images, XREFs, Viewports, and underlays (DGN, PDF, DWF and DWFx) in your drawing file.
  • Extract a list of layers from an AutoCAD file: Select ALL then CTRL+C from the open Layer Dialog Box into a Microsoft Excel worksheet.
  • You can set MTEXT (but not TEXT) to always type in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME. when inside the MTEXT editor, right-click select AutoCAPS.
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