Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tweets this week: File Attachments, Conversions, Lynn and CTRL

Below is a summary of topics we covered this week on Twitter. This week we cover file Attachment options for LT, LT2012's pagesetups tip, and common variables settings.
  • For many, the following settings work: LTSCALE 1 (or less, your preference). MSLTSCALE 1 PSLTSCALE 1 CELTSCALE 1 CANNOSCALE as needed.
  • Hold down CTRL keyboard key and double-click any attribute in a block: now you edit the attribute in-place just like editing Text objects.
  • Not using LT2012? DWGTRUEVIEW app's TRUECONVERT has a REPLACE PAGE SETUPS option: use it to fix/assign a new page setup to DWG layouts.
  • LT2012's DWGCONVERT command has a REPLACE PAGE SETUPS: use it to assign a new page setup to DWG layouts aiming at a missing printer/plotter
  • LTisACAD Blog: Attach Files in AutoCAD/LT
  • Going to see @Lynn_Allen in person at the DC CADD event tonight in Dallas. Y'all come down for a spell too!
  • Need to move/copy to a specific point? @x,y is for relative coordinates. #x,y is absolute to the current UCS. *x,y,z is absolute to WCS.
  • Press/hold middle mouse button down then hold the SHIFT key: you will be in the PAN command in a horizontal or vertical constraint mode.
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