Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OTRACK quick tip for AutoCAD/LT

You can draw objects at specific angles or in specific relationship to other objects along specified directions called alignment paths using OTRACK. You can toggle this feature on and off using the F11 keyboard key.
  1. Start by having some running Osnaps turned on, start with INT and END.
  2. Start the command you wish to use (for example, the LINE command).
  3. Hover (do not click) over the first OSNAP point until a little yellow cross appears.
  4. Repeat the Hover (do not click) on your second point, hovering until the yellow cross appears.
  5. Two tracking lines will now appear.
  6. You can click at their intersection to draw a LINE from that point.
  7. Repeat if the LINE command's second point, hover over two separate points until tracking lines appear then click at their intersection.
  8. Experiment with other points using different Osnaps like QUA and INS among others. Also experiment with other commands, like INSERT.