Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Draw with Precision Tools in AutoCAD/LT

As this detailed excerpt from HELP in LT2011 shows, you can use a variety of precision drawing tools to help you produce accurate drawings quickly and without performing tedious calculations.
Use Coordinates and Coordinate Systems (UCS) :
For precise coordinate input, you can use several coordinate system entry methods. You can also use a movable coordinate system, the user coordinate system (UCS), for convenient coordinate entry and to establish workplanes.

Use Dynamic Input:
Dynamic Input provides a command interface near the cursor to help you keep your focus in the drafting area.
Snap to Locations on Objects (Object Snaps):
Instead of entering coordinates, you can specify points relative to existing objects such as endpoints of lines or center points of circles.
Restrict Cursor Movement:
Several tools are available that you can use to restrict or lock the movement of your cursor.
Combine or Offset Points and Coordinates:
To specify a new point location, you can combine coordinate values from several points or you can specify offsets from existing objects.

Specify Distances:
When specifying a point, you can enter distances, offsets, and measured intervals.

Extract Geometric Information from Objects:
The inquiry and calculation commands can provide information about objects in your drawing and do useful calculations.

Use a Calculator:
You can access a calculator function as you work with the program. You can use either the QuickCalc calculator interface or the Command prompt calculator.
HELP in AutoCAD/LT is full of this type of information and more: explore and pick up tips from inside the program like never before. ◦