Wednesday, May 11, 2011

LT2012 New Commands and Variables

With each new version of AutoCAD/LT there are always new commands and variables, modified or enhanced existing commands and variables, and occassionally dropped commands and features. LT2012 is no different and the program offers some new ways to find out more about them starting with the Autodesk Exchange that pops up as soon as you first start AutoCAD, including Videos.

Multi-Functional Grips and Associative Arrays are two of the existing functions users are familiar with that get the largest make-over. LT more that ever is relying on those right-click menus to display more command functions and abilities, a fact that some users may not be fully use.
New functions added include the long awaited Sheet Set Manager that's been in full AutoCAD for a long time, the new Content Explorer that may replace ADCENTER for many users, better integration with the currently-free AutoCADWS service from Autodesk.
The following is a partial list of the new added commands to LT2012 that we found interesting (check out the links):
  • ARRAYCLOSE Saves back or discards changes made to an array's source objects and exits the array editing state.
  • ARRAYEDIT Edits associative array objects and their source objects.
  • ARRAYPATH Evenly distributes object copies along a path or a portion of a path.
  • ARRAYPOLAR Evenly distributes object copies in a circular pattern around a center point or axis of rotation.
  • ARRAYRECT Distributes object copies into any combination of rows, columns, and levels.
  • AUTOCOMPLETE Controls what types of automated keyboard features are available at the Command prompt.
  • BLEND Creates a spline in the gap between two selected lines or curves. More HERE.
  • CONTENTEXPLORER Finds and inserts content such as drawing files, blocks, and styles.
  • DGNBIND Binds DGN underlays to the current drawing.
  • DWGCONVERT Converts drawing format version for selected drawing files.
  • GROUPEDIT Adds and removes objects from the selected group, or renames a selected group.
  • NCOPY Copies objects that are contained in an xref, block, or DGN underlay.
  • OVERKILL Removes duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines. Also, combines partially overlapping or contiguous ones.
  • QUICKPROPERTIES has been around for a few versions now but it's behavior has changed. It is the default double-click pop-up for many objects instead of the full PROPERTIES palette. Read more HERE.
  • VIEWBACK command (undocumented) is similar to Zoom Previous, restores the last location you viewed.
  • VIEWFORWARD command (undocumented) is like an undo to Viewback.
  • SHEET SET MANAGER can organize drawing layouts into named sheet sets. The sheets in a sheet set can be transmitted, published, and archived as a unit. It has a collection of associated with it, including NEWSHEETSET, OPENSHEETSET, SHEETSET, and SHEETSETHIDE.
The following list are many of the new variables in LT2012 that address the new features (check out the links):

  • ARRAYEDITSTATE Indicates whether the drawing is in the array editing state, which is activated while editing an associative array's source objects.
  • ARRAYTYPE Specifies the default array type.
  • AUTOCOMPLETEDELAY Controls the amount of time that elapses before automated keyboard features display at the Command prompt.
  • AUTOCOMPLETEMODE Controls what types of automated keyboard features are available at the Command prompt.
  • CONTENTEXPLORERSTATE Indicates whether the Content Explorer window is open or closed.
  • DGNIMPORTMODE Controls the default behavior of the DGNIMPORT command.
  • DYNINFOTIPS Turns cycling tips for grip manipulation on and off.
  • FRAMESELECTION Controls whether the frame of an image, underlay, or clipped xref can be selected.
  • GROUPDISPLAYMODE Controls the display and grips on groups, when group selection is on.
  • HPQUICKPREVTIMEOUT Sets the maximum duration that AutoCAD tries to generate a hatch preview when using the HATCH command.
  • LAYOUTCREATEVIEWPORT Specifies if a single viewport should be created on each new layout added to a drawing.
  • PROPOBJLIMIT Limits the number of objects that can be changed at one time with the Properties and Quick Properties palettes.
  • RIBBONICONRESIZE Controls the resizing of images on the ribbon to standard sizes.
  • SHORTCUTMENUDURATION Specifies how long (in milliseconds) the right button on a pointing device must be pressed to display a shortcut menu in the drawing area.
  • SHOWPAGESETUPFORNEWLAYOUTS Specifies if the Page Setup Manager is displayed when a new layout is created.
  • TBSHOWSHORTCUTS Specifies if shortcut keys are displayed in tooltips.
  • TOOLTIPSIZE Sets the display size for tooltips.
  • TOOLTIPTRANSPARENCY Sets the transparency for tooltips.
  • VPCONTROL Controls whether the Viewport label menus are displayed in all viewports.
  • WORKSPACELABEL Controls the display of the workspace label in the status bar.
  • Sheet Set Manager has many variables associated with it, including SSFOUND, SSLOCATE, SSMAUTOOPEN, SSMPOLLTIME, SSMSHEETSTATUS, and SSMSTATE.
In our next blog, we will explore the integrated features of AutoCADWS, the online file sharing and collaboration feature built into LT2012. ◦