Friday, September 7, 2007

WBLOCK command hidden feature

WBLOCK command is a create tool for creating a new file from content in your current open drawing. Simply select the entity or entities, give the selection a new name, and a new file with that name is created at a location of your choice on your PC or network.
The command line version, -WLBOCK (note the dash), has some interesting additional abilities:
  1. Entering the name of an existing block writes that block to an external file. Note that this function is not available with an external reference (xref) or one of its dependent blocks.
  2. Entering an equal sign (=) specifies that the existing block and the output file have the same name. Note that if no block of that name exists in your open drawing file, the prompt is displayed again and you must select another block name.
  3. Entering an asterisk (*) writes the entire drawing to the new output file, except for unreferenced symbols. Model space objects are written to model space, and paper space objects are written to paper space. A great way to creat a new file but still maintain existing layouts.

Note: After the file is created, the selected objects are deleted from the drawing. You can use OOPS to restore the objects.