Saturday, September 1, 2007

LT on an Apple/MAC

You can run AutoCAD/LT on an Apple PC/MAC, you just need to buy more software and your Apple device must be on the higher end with 2Gig Ram to function at a reasonable pace (no blue-light special unless you are a very casual user).

There are two methods, one is to run Windows/AutoCAD in a "virtual window" on a Mac, ideal because you have access to and are in your Apple Operating System and applications at the same time, or you can reboot and run only Windows/AutoCAD on your apple hardware (what's the point of that I'm not sure).

This first image is running Windows in the Parallels Virtual Window, Windows desktop in a window on the MAC desktop (VMware is another option you can buy):
This screenshot is of Parallels in action. This one is in "coherence" mode, where the Windows dialogs all look like Apple's windows:
Here is a video on YouTube showing AutoCAD on a MAC:

Bootcamp is a freebie from Apple but you must buy Windows OS and be prepared for a lengthy install and update process from Microsoft. This is nothing more than a glorified dual-boot loader where you are cut-off from Apple content until you re-boot the PC. A waste of time for any serious Apple user craving the full Apple experience. ◦