Saturday, September 8, 2007

Text plots in outline only

This is a limitation of using Windows TrueType Fonts (TTF), not found in AutoCAD's SHX fonts (those stick-like hideous fonts we all love). The fix can be one or many of the following:
  • Set the FILL command to on.
  • Set the FILLMODE system variable to 1.
  • Set the TEXTFILL system variable to 1.
  • In the Plot dialog box, clear Hide Objects. If you need this setting for the rest of your drawing, you will need to change to SHX fonts in your text styles.
  • Turn off the Hideplot property of the viewport. If you need this setting to achieve a desired plot ability, you will need to either change to SHX fonts in your text style or place the text in Paperspace out of the viewport.
  • Turn off Shadeplot > Hidden Property of Viewport in LT2004, LT2005, and LT2006.