Saturday, September 8, 2007

Right-click button settings

Many 'old-school' AutoCAD users do one thing the first time they start a new AutoCAD version: kill right-clicking feature for the 'faster' option of having it set to simply function from the keyboard. You will miss half the features of LT by doing this unfortunately, and your imagined speed gain is lost.

LT2004 and higher offer a compromise that is more productive than either option alone: A new time sensitive right-click. When this ability is turned on, a quick click of the right mouse button is the same as pressing on the keyboard. Holding down the right mouse button longer than the specified time yields a context sensitive menu (when appropriate).

To set, start OPTIONS command, choose the User Preferences tab, turn on Shortcut Menus in Drawing Area selection, choose the Right-click Customization button: turn on Time Sensitive Right Click.
Change the time interval as needed until you find the setting most comfortable with your hand and mouse.