Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two commands to Explode Entities

EXPLODE command allows you to convert complex objects to their constituent components. Explode Mtext to get Text. Explode Plines, Mlines, Hatches, Dimensions and Leaders into Lines, Arcs, Text, etc. Explode Blocks to their component parts.
Exploding a Block sometimes gives us undesirable results. Often a Block is created from entities on Layer 0, so that it can be inserted on any Layer and thus inherit the properties of the insertion Layer. When exploding a Block of this type, all the components revert back to Layer 0.
XPLODE command (notice the missing E) works similarly to EXPLODE except it gives you the opportunity to override component entity properties. You can control the target Layer, Line type, Line weight, and Color, or Inherit all properties from the Block insertion.
You can also control what you explode individually, or globally (covers all entities being exploded).

Explore both in HELP in LT for usage instructions. ◦