Wednesday, August 22, 2012

LT 2013 Obsolete Commands and Variables

Below is a list of now Obsolete Commands and System Variables Reference in AutoCAD LT 2013:
  • GETLINK  Gets a link to the current document to paste or e-mail:  Removed from product.
  • MANAGEUPLOADS  Manages uploading of additional documents:  Removed from product.
  • MESSAGES  Displays messages about updates to AutoCAD WS drawings:  Removed from product.
  • ONLINEDRAWINGS  Opens web browser to access all online documents.  Removed from product.
  • OPENONLINE  Opens current drawing in AutoCAD WS:  Removed from product.
  • SHARE  Makes current drawings available to other AutoCAD WS users:  Replaced by ONLINESHARE.
  • SHAREWITHSEEK  Uploads a selected block or the current drawing to the Autodesk Seek website:  Removed from product.
  • UPLOAD  Uploads the current document to Autodesk 360:  Removed from product.
  • UPLOADFILES  Opens file dialog box to upload additional documents:  Removed from product.
  • WHATSNEW  Opens New Features Workshop:  Removed from product. 
  • PROXYWEBSEARCH  Specifies how AutoCAD checks for Object Enablers:  Removed from product.
  • RASTERPREVIEW  Controls whether BMP preview images are saved with the drawing:  Replaced by THUMBSAVE.