Friday, March 18, 2011

AutoCAD/LT Command Modifiers

You can use command modifiers to help you locate points or select objects while a command is in progress. Use the Coordinate Filter, Direct Distance Entry, From, MTP, and Tracking command modifiers at any prompt that requires point specification. Use the Selection Mode command modifiers at any prompt that requires object selection.
The links below expand on the items with practical applications direct from HELP found in LT.
  • Coordinate Filters: Combines X, Y, and Z values from different points to specify a single point.
  • Direct Distance Entry: Locates the next point at a specified distance in the direction of your cursor.
  • FROM: Locates a point offset from a reference point within a command. Ideal for when you need to click at a screen position FROM an existing object or position.
  • MTP: Locates the midpoint between two points. Use it while in a command by just typing MTP when you need it.
  • TRACKING: Locates a point from a series of temporary points.
  • Object Snaps: Specifies a precise point at a location on an object.
  • Selection Modes: Controls how you create selection sets