Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tweets this week: Export, Suggest, and Hide

Below is a summary of topics we covered this week on Twitter. This week we cover Export options in LT, Helping Autodesk expand LT's abilities, and a free DWG viewer for iPhone/iPod:
  • Up & Ready Installation and Startup Help from Autodesk (free for new purchased installation):
  • ReTweet AutoCAD Our next Facecast will be hosted by @Autodesk 's @katemorrical on July 13. Bring your questions about AutoCAD LT to
  • EXPORT to more than just PDF with AutoCAD/LT:
  • ReTweet AutoCAD-WS Want to know the best way to upload your files to #AutoCADWS? -
  • TurboViewer App: 2D and 3D DWG (Autodesk AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT) and DXF viewing is available 4 free 4 iPhone-iPad:
  • Did you Hide Objects from our last tweet and need them back? use "End object isolation" from the "Isolate" section in the right-click menu.
  • Other objects in the way? Choose "Isolate Objects" or "Hide Objects" from the "Isolate" section from the right-click menu to help.
  • LTisACAD Blog: Do you need to send DWG files?
  • Are the different annotative scales of your objects in different locations in your file? Need them back to one location? ANNORESET command.
  • The AUGI wish list forum is the "Traditional" place to submit your ideas and vote on them:
  • Suggestions so far for improving AutoCAD/LT: Add yours and be heard by Autodesk.
  • Got Ideas for improving AutoCAD/LT? Submit and vote for ideas to improve your experience: (does not work with IE9?)
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