Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More LT Resources: YouTube Videos

In addition to the AutoCAD LT Resources available to end users for support, training, and education outlined in our previous blog HERE, there is a growing number of excellent short LT-topic-specific training material found at YouTube.

LT2012, the newest shiping version, has amassed quite the collection of videos and continues to expand. From What's New through the new Array functionality, the offerings are quite plentiful and worth exploring in your own time. Start HERE.

LT2011 is equally represented, with a long list of DEMO videos and additonal topic-specific videos: your exploration starts HERE.

LT2010 and LT2009 specific videos are prolific, many of the topics are equally specific to these two versions and are great tools to help you understand what each version added from earlier iterations of LT. There are a few LT2008 videos and non-English LT2007 videos, an LT2006 tip, but LT versions below that are few and rare. But YouTube posting is free, if you are an LT user of these lower versions perhaps you could post tips and tricks for other fellow users. ◦