Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LT Resources: free from Autodesk

LT users, new as well as experienced, have a plethora of resources to expand on their skills with new and modified commands, as well as to decipher error messages, program or command limitations, installation guides and more.  Many of the resources are free and designed to be available for you to seek and explore if and when you need help.

Starting within LT itself, HELP (hit the F1 key on your keyboard to start) is the place to start searching for basic how-to instructions for standard installations, command abilities, and variable searches. If you are a user of more current versions HELP, located at the top-right corner with a ready-to-use Search bar, will also search the internet and Autodesk's open Discussion Forums for additional topics that can provide additional (or historical) answers. Get AutoCAD LT training materials directly from the AutoCAD LT Help menu or the New Features Workshop as well. Start Exploring today.
HELP is also available online for LT2011 and LT2012, as are the Getting Started Videos for LT2012 (LT2011: Getting Started videos are accessible from the Welcome Screen), New Features (LT2012 and LT2011), and Downloadable Manuals (User and Installation documentation for LT2012 and LT2011) For other Languages, additional documentation is available in multiple languages from the language drop-down list in Autodesk Exchange.

Autodesk's additional training and help resources can be found if you start at the LT Product Webpage: Below the AutoCAD LT page title is a bar with many links, start with a click on the Support link on SUPPORT. The next page presents you with many topics and additional links to start your search.

  • Knowledge Base is the place to search the support database for answers, hotfixes, tips and service packs. Top Knowledge Base Issues are listed on this page for your immediate use, but if you need more click on the Knowledge Base link to get to a detailed search form to seek out your exact need or question.
  • Product Registration: Register your product online outside of LT's startup if you have the need to register multiple licenses or are not able to do so from within LT.
  • Installation & Licensing Discussion Forum: Get answers to your installation questions - fast. Moderated by Autodesk Product Support Specialists, this forum can help you get your Autodesk software up and running in no time.
  • Up & Ready Support: You are entitled to 30 days of support covering installation and configuration of your new Autodesk software.
  • Per-Incident Support: Speak directly to an Autodesk product support technician when you call for Autodesk Safety Net Support and pay per incident.
  • Updates & Services Packs: Get the latest service packs and other maintenance releases for all versions of AutoCAD LT.
  • Utilities & Drivers: The latest free enhancements and Object Enablers available for each LT version are listed here. Autodesk offers free downloadable enablers that you can use to access, display, and manipulate object data in applications different from their native environment. Note that these are version-specific only.

  • AutoCAD LT Blog is a great resource for the latest AutoCAD LT news, tips and tricks of the current new shipping LT features and commands. LTUnlimited Blog's Tips Section is the continuation of a dedicated previous LT Tips Blog from Kate Morrical, Technical Marketing Manager for AutoCAD LT.
  • Autodesk Exchange: is a single information hub that offers learning and productivity tools, news, discussions, blog posts, and more for the AutoCAD family of products. Explore their Tips&Tricks offerings, Ask An Expert, explore the Community (blogs, twitter, forums and fun), see what others are doing in the Design Showcase, and explore additional end-user Resources. Membership is totally free, sign up HERE.
  • Training Videos: These handy tutorials and webcasts can help you to improve your skills and take full advantage of your AutoCAD LT 2D CAD software.
  • AutoCAD LT Services & Support webpage offers Tutorials for LT2009, LT2010 and LT2011.
  • Learning Paths: Discover the many learning resources available using the AutoCAD LT Learning Path.
  • Custom Training: Most training is not one size fits all. Autodesk can provide you with a custom training program designed to fit your company's unique training needs.
  • Tutorials: Find AutoCAD LT online tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you make the most of your 2D drafting and drawing software.
  • Authorized Training Centers: Get the greatest return on your software investment, faster, by building your knowledge in the areas you need the most at an Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC).
  • Tips: Looking for a quick suggestion that you can implement right now? Take a look at the available collection of Autodesk tips.

  • AutoCAD WikiHelp: Access online product help and contribute to the growing AutoCAD (not LT specific) community on the wiki, where you can rate and comment on help information, plus share tips, real-world examples, images, and videos with your peers.
  • Join AutoCAD Exchange: Free access to extensive online eLearning; View exclusive content only available to registered members; Share your designs; Comment, rate and Exchange your thoughts and ideas; Ask the Industry Experts questions and Network, discuss and collaborate on everything AutoCAD/LT.
  • Autodesk Discussion Groups: Ask questions and share information about using Autodesk® software in peer-to-peer forums.
  • Autodesk Blogs: Get news, expert tips, and insider resources directly from Autodesk staff.
  • AUGI LT forum help: The AUGI forum is an online community where AUGI members can discuss what they use everyday. The forum is the place to ask questions about your favorite design software or help others with their questions. AUGI membership is free, join now.
  • AutoCAD LT on Facebook: social networking at a company level.
  • Subscription Member Login: Autodesk® Subscription members receive access to training and learning materials, one-on-one product support with technology experts, and a wide range of resources to help them stay competitive. Not a Member? Learn More.
Explore these many free Support Resources in LT from Autodesk: you are not alone out there, Help is always nearby, seek it out. ◦