Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tweets to date

If you have not had a chance to follow us on Twitter, below is a summary of topics we covered so far. We hope to continue to provide this weekly summary for those not able to track our tweets.

We post daily on the topic of AutoCAD/LT and features/abilities of interest to users. You can find us at  Get Twitter updates via SMS by texting FOLLOW LTISACAD to 40404 in the United States.

  • Use SETBYLAYER command to fix block entities colors to BYLAYER. Button or menu macro follows: ^C^C_SETBYLAYERMODE;125;_SETBYLAYER;ALL;;Y;Y;
  • Rotate and Scale commands both have a COPY option: your original will remain intact should you need it without exiting and restarting.
  • Another method of adding office standards like layers to existing files, without using template files:
  • UNITS settings in files from different sources may be difficult to decipher, but this forum tip is one option to explore
  • Find free tutorials, demos, trial videos, end user posted content and more at the Autodesk YouTube channel
  • AutoCAD/LT Service Packs, Updates, Utilities, Data & Downloads links can be found here:
  • Renaming the BAK file is the quickest way to recover a corrupt DWG file. Review the forum discussion here
  • Are you having HP 11x17 printing issues in Windows7? This Autodesk Forum discussion offers some insights and tips/fixes
  • Need free help installing or reinstalling that older AutoCAD/LT version? Post or browse this Autodesk Forum
  • AutoCAD, Windows and Mac, uses many of the OS keyboard shortcuts available in both. Below is a complete list for both OS
  • Windows 7 can present some interesting issues occasionally, this case in point was a display error in the Layer Palette:
  • Windows 7 Slowing your AutoCAD/LT down? Try these tips:
  • If you are an AutoCAD WS user, you can now share DWG files with anyone. And they don't need AutoCAD or AWS to open it.
Look for Part Two of LT2011's New and Not-so-new commands shortly. ◦