Thursday, February 17, 2011

AutoCAD/LT Temporary Override Keys

Temporary Override Keys are used to temporarily turn on or off running drafting settings: these are keyboard buttons or button combinations you can use while in a command to trigger another action. They are called temporary because they stop once you release the keyobard buttons that trigger them.
For example, while in a command holding down the Shift key toggles the current setting of Ortho mode (turn it on if it is off, turn it off if it is running). Another Example: while panning, hold SHIFT to constrain pan to horizontal and vertical movements (works in modelspace and inside viewports).

The following is a list of temporary override keys built into AutoCAD/LT by default and available to everyone:


SHIFT+’  Toggles OSNAP
SHIFT+,  Object Snap Override: Center
SHIFT+.  Toggles Polar Tracking
SHIFT+/  Toggles UCSDETECT (not in LT)
SHIFT+;  Enables Object Snap Enforcement
SHIFT+]  Toggles Object Snap Tracking

SHIFT+C  Object Snap Override: Center
SHIFT+D  Disable All Snapping and Tracking
SHIFT+E  Object Snap Override: Endpoint
SHIFT+L  Disable All Snapping and Tracking
SHIFT+M Object Snap Override: Midpoint
SHIFT+P  Object Snap Override: Endpoint
SHIFT+Q  Toggles Object Snap Tracking
SHIFT+S  Enables Object Snap Enforcement
SHIFT+V  Object Snap Override: Midpoint
SHIFT+X  Toggles Polar Tracking
SHIFT+Z  Toggles UCSDETECT (not in LT)

You can also use the stock F-keys while in most running commands:
F3  Toggles OSNAP
F6  Toggles UCSDETECT (not in LT)
F9  Toggles SNAPMODE
F10 Toggles Polar Tracking
F11 Toggles Object Snap Tracking
F12 Toggles Dynamic Input

To create a temporary override key : explore HERE.
To modify an existing temporary override key: tap this HELP document for details. ◦