Sunday, June 17, 2012

AutoCAD LT 2013 Info and Tips

  • Still using Vista? Better read this
  • Jimmy Bergmark‏ System Requirements for AutoCAD 2013: AutoCAD 2013 is soon to be released and now the System…
  • Autodesk Labs Scott‏ Try AutoCAD LT 2013 without downloading anything
  • Lynn Allen‏ Set new system variable in #AutoCAD 2013 - WIPEOUTFRAME to 2. Wipeout frames will display but not print!
  • Jeff Bartels‏ AutoCAD 2013 Tip: When finished revising MTEXT, press Ctrl+Enter to dismiss the editor.
  • Jeff Bartels‏ AutoCAD 2013 Tip: Use Annotation Monitor toggle in Status Bar to identify non-associative dims/leaders. Click "!" icons to reassociate.
  • Jimmy Bergmark‏ AutoCAD 2013 New Commands: In AutoCAD 2013 I have found these new commands. New commands…
  • AUGI: AUGIWorld April 2012 - What's New in Autodesk 2013 Products -
  • Autodesk‏ Exciting news for Google Drive users: Chrome Store apps @pixlr and #AutoCADWS have Drive integration: via @LATimes
  • AutoCAD LT‏ 2013Updated Command Line
  • CAD Clues‏ New Post: 3 Things You Need to Know Before Installing AutoCAD 2013 #AutoCAD #Autodesk #Autodesk360 #Autocad2013
  • Jeff Bartels‏ AutoCAD 2013 Tip: Use Ctrl+Shift+L to add previously selected objects to current selection set.
  • Vladimir Michl‏ New CAD tip: Localization of Autodesk 2013 products using "Language ...
  • Autodesk Care‏ Looking to purchase or already own AutoCAD LT 2013? Mac and Windows users can now unite #autodesktip
  • Robert Green @Cadalyst says, “you need to explore Autodesk's new cloud solution, it will change the way we use AutoCAD”
  • Kate Morrical‏ Customization Sync in AutoCAD LT 2013