Monday, January 20, 2014

Twitter Posts Revisited

Below is a summary of topics we covered recently on Twitter. Click on the links at the end of each topic and explore the command or feature in more detail in AutoCAD/LT's HELP.
  • LT2014's EXTERNALREFERENCES: Adds the ability to convert xrefs between overlays/ attachments PLUS change a path to be absolute.
  • LT2014's DIMCONTINUE: By default, the continued dimension now inherits the style of the dimension that is being continued. DIMCONTINUEMODE.
  • LT2014's DIMBASELINE: By default, the baseline dimension now inherits the style of the dimension that is being continued. DIMCONTINUEMODE.
  • LT 2014 Official Preview Guide from Autodesk
  • LT2014's CONVERTPSTYLES: Now retains spaces in the names of converted plot styles.
  • LT2014's CHAMFER: Now chamfers the first and last segments of an open polyline to create a closed object.
  • LT2014's ARC: Adds the ability to create arcs in a clockwise direction by holding down the Ctrl key as you drag.
  • LT2014's PROPERTIES: Xref-dependent linetypes are no longer displayed in the Preferences window.
  • LT2014's MTEXT: Annotation scale in the Select Annotation Scale dialog box is set only with a drop-down list (no direct entry).
  • LT2014's LAYER: Now adds the ability to merge selected layers by using the shortcut menu in the Layer Manager.
  • LT2014's LAYER: Now uses natural language sorting for the layer list, so that numerals are sorted in order of their values.
  • Classic Tip that works with LT: Mtext Justification in Older pre-2008 Versions
  • LT2014's HATCH: Adds Undo to command prompts.
  • LT2014's TEXT: Adds Left to the Justification prompt options. Retains the last used justification during the session.
  • Classic Tip that works with LT: Customize Your Keys
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