Tuesday, March 26, 2013

AutoCAD LT2014 New Commands/Variables

Below is a list of new Commands that have been added to LT2014:
  • DESIGNFEEDCLOSE: Closes the Design Feed palette.
  • DESIGNFEEDOPEN: Opens the Design Feed palette.
  • FILETAB: Displays the File tabs at the top of the drawing area.
  • FILETABCLOSE: Hides the File tabs at the top of the drawing area.
  • GEOLOCATEME: Displays or hides an indicator that shows your current position.
  • GEOMAP: Displays a map from an online maps service, in the current viewport.
  • GEOMARKLATLONG: Places a position marker at a location defined by a latitude and longitude.
  • GEOMARKME: Places a position marker in model space at the spot corresponding to your current position.
  • GEOMARKPOINT: Places a position marker at a specified point in model space.
  • GEOMARKPOSITION: Places a position marker at a location you specify.
  • GEOREMOVE: Removes all geographic location information from the drawing file.
  • GEOREORIENTMARKER: Modifies the orientation and position of the geographic marker without changing its latitude and longitude properties.
  • INSERTSEARCHOPTIONS: Controls settings for working with AutoComplete and AutoCorrect suggestions on the command line.
  • ONLINEOPENFOLDER: Opens your local Autodesk 360 folder in Windows Explorer.
New system variables added to LT2014:
  • CGEOCS: Stores the name of the GIS coordinate system assigned to the drawing file.
  • CLAYOUT: Sets the current layout.
  • DESIGNFEEDSTATE: Indicates whether the Design Feed palette is open or closed.
  • DIMCONTINUEMODE: Determines whether the style of a continued dimension is based on the dimension that is being continued or on the current dimension style.
  • FILETABPREVIEW: Controls the type of preview, list view or thumbnail view, when you hover over a file tab.
  • FILETABSTATE: Indicates the display status of the file tabs at the top of the drawing area.
  • FILETABTHUMBHOVER: Specifies whether the corresponding model or layout loads in the drawing window when you hover over a file tab thumbnail.
  • GEOMARKPOSITIONSIZE: Specifies the scale factor to use for point objects and multiline text objects when creating position markers.
  • HPPICKMODE: Sets whether the default method for identifying what to hatch is to select a point or to select an object.
  • INPUTSEARCHDELAY: Sets the number of milliseconds to delay before the command line suggestion list is displayed.
  • TOUCHMODE: For those using a touch-enabled screen or interface, controls the display of the Touch panel on the ribbon.
  • TEXTJUSTIFY: Displays the default justification used by the TEXT command to create single-line text.