Friday, March 28, 2014

AutoCAD LT 2015: Commands and Variables

As with every version, Commands and Variables change: AutoCAD LT 2015 is no different. Below is a list of what we discovered to date that we thought would be of interest to you.

LT 2015 New Commands and System Variables:
  • GEOMAPIMAGE: Captures a portion of the online map to an object known as a map image, and embeds it in the drawing area.
  • GEOMAPIMAGEUPDATE: Reloads map images from the online maps service and optionally resets their resolution for optimal on-screen viewing.
  • NEWTAB: Displays a New Tab which allows direct access to files, learning resources, Autodesk 360 and more.
  • ONLINEAUTOCAD360: Launches AutoCAD 360 in your default browser.
  • PTYPE: Specifies the display style and size of point objects.
  • TEXTALIGN: Aligns multiple text objects vertically, horizontally, or obliquely.
  • COLORTHEME: Sets the color theme of the ribbon, palettes, and several other interface elements to dark or light.
  • COMMANDPREVIEW: Controls whether a preview of the possible outcome of the command is displayed.
  • COMPLEXLTPREVIEW: Controls whether a preview of the complex linetype is displayed during interactive operations.
  • HIGHLIGHTSMOOTHING: Controls the anti-aliasing effect on object highlighting.
  • HPLINETYPE: Controls the display of linetype in a hatch pattern.
  • LAYOUTTAB: Controls whether Model and Layout tabs are displayed or not.
  • MTEXTAUTOSTACK: Controls autostacking for the MTEXT command.
  • MTEXTDETECTSPACE: Controls whether the keyboard spacebar is used to create list items in the MTEXT command.
  • NEWTABMODE: Specifies whether clicking the plus sign (+) on the file tab bar displays the New Tab or opens a new drawing.
  • OSNAPOVERRIDE: Determines whether the object snap settings in the OSNAP dialog are enforced.
  • POINTCLOUDLIGHTING: Controls the way lighting effects are displayed for a point cloud.
  • POINTCLOUDLIGHTSOURCE: Determines the light source for point clouds when lighting is turned on.
  • POINTCLOUDLOD: Sets the level of density of point display for point clouds.
  • POINTCLOUDPOINTSIZE: Controls the size of the points for new point cloud objects.
  • POINTCLOUDSHADING: Specifies whether the brightness of the points in the point cloud are diffuse or specular.
  • POINTCLOUDVISRETAIN: Controls whether a legacy drawing (created in AutoCAD 2014) retains the on or off status of individual scans (RCS files) and regions referenced by an attached point cloud project (RCP file).
  • SORTORDER: Specifies whether the layer list is ordered using a natural sort order or ASCII values.
  • STATUSBARSTATE: Indicates whether the status bar is visible or not.
  • TEXTALIGNMODE: Stores the alignment option for aligned text.
  • TEXTALIGNSPACING: Stores the spacing option for aligned text.
  • TEXTALLCAPS: Controls automatic correction for MTEXT and TEXT/DTEXT when CAPS LOCK is active.
  • TEXTAUTOCORRECTCAPS: Controls whether or not Caps Lock is automatically turned off for Multiline text and Text.

LT 2015 Updated Commands and System Variables:
  • ARCHIVE: Packages the current sheet set files for storage. Removes the capability for creating EXE files due to security concerns. Files can only be packaged into ZIP files. The ability to add a password has also been removed.
  • ATTACH: Inserts references to external files such as other drawings, raster images, and underlays. Removes support for legacy PCG and ISD files.
  • CLIP: Crops selected objects such as blocks, external references, images, viewports, and underlays to a specified boundary. No longer supports clipping of point clouds. For point clouds, use POINTCLOUDCROP.
  • DWGCONVERT: Converts drawing format version for selected drawing files. Removes the capability for creating EXE files due to security concerns. Files can only be packaged into ZIP files. The ability to add a password has also been removed.
  • ETRANSMIT: Packages a set of files for Internet transmission.bRemoves the capability for creating EXE files due to security concerns. Files can only be packaged into .ZIP files. The ability to add a password has also been removed.
  • GEOGRAPHICLOCATION: Assigns geographic location information to a drawing file. Prompts and the dynamic display behavior when specifying the location of the geographic marker and the north direction have changed.
  • GEOREORIENTMARKER: Changes the north direction and position of the geographic marker in model space, without changing its latitude and longitude. Prompts and the dynamic display behavior when specifying the location of the geographic marker and the north direction have changed.
  • GRAPHICSCONFIG: Provides access to display performance-related options. Now displays the Graphics Performance dialog box.
  • IMAGEADJUST: Controls the brightness, contrast, and fade values of images. Enhanced to apply to map images.
  • MTEXT: Creates a multiline text object. Adds subscripting and superscripting features, and Caps Lock detection. Enhances options for creating numbered and bulleted lists and automatic text stacking.   
  • OPTIONS: Customizes the program settings. In the System tab, Balloon Notifications, removes the option to display live update notifications. Live updates are now managed by the Autodesk Application Manager.
  • OVERKILL: Removes duplicate or overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines. Also, combines partially overlapping or contiguous ones. Can now be used in the Block Editor.
  • POINTCLOUDATTACH: Inserts an indexed rcs (single scan) or rcp (multiple scan project) file from Autodesk ReCap in the current drawing. Removes support for legacy PCG and ISD files.
  • PURGE: Removes unused items, such as block definitions and layers, from the drawing. Adds support for removing orphaned data such as DGN linestyles.
  • DIMCONTINUEMODE: Determines whether the dimension style and layer of a continued or baseline dimension is inherited from the dimension that is being continued. Layer of continued dimension is inherited.
  • FRAME: Controls the display of frames for all images, map images, underlays, clipped xrefs, and wipeout objects. Enhanced to apply to map images.
  • IMAGEFRAME: Controls whether image frames are displayed and plotted.  Enhanced to apply to map images.
  • OSOPTIONS: Controls whether objects snaps are suppressed on hatch objects, geometry with negative Z values, or dimension extension lines. End points of dimension extension lines are ignored by default.
  • PICKAUTO: Controls automatic windowing for object selection. Adds Lasso (window and crossing) selection, enabled by default.
  • POINTCLOUDAUTOUPDATE: Controls whether a legacy point cloud is regenerated automatically after manipulation, panning, zooming, or orbiting. Applies only to legacy (pre-AutoCAD 2015) point cloud objects.
  • POINTCLOUDBOUNDARY: Controls whether the point cloud bounding box is displayed. Added an option to display the bounding box only when the point cloud is selected.
  • POINTCLOUDCACHESIZE: Specifies amount of memory (in megabytes) that the internal processing engine will use for point clouds. Value can now be changed to an integer expressing a number of megabytes.
  • POINTCLOUDCLIPFRAME: Determines whether point cloud clipping boundaries for legacy (PCG, ISD and RCP) point clouds are visible or plotted in the current drawing. Now affects only legacy point clouds.
  • POINTCLOUDDENSITY: Controls the percentage of points displayed for all legacy point clouds in the drawing view. Applies only to legacy (pre-AutoCAD 2015) point cloud objects.
  • POINTCLOUDPOINTMAX: Sets the maximum number of points that can be displayed for all point clouds attached to the drawing. Default (and maximum) value now 10 million points. Does not affect legacy (pre-AutoCAD 2015) point clouds.
  • POINTCLOUDRTDENSITY: Improves performance by degrading the number of points displayed while zooming, panning, or orbiting. Applies only to legacy (pre-AutoCAD 2015) point cloud objects.
  • PREVIEWFILTER: Excludes specified object types from selection previewing. Default value changed from 7 to 3.
  • SELECTIONPREVIEWLIMIT: Limits the number of objects that can display preview highlighting during a window or crossing selection. Default value changed from 2000 to 20000.
  • STARTUP: Controls what displays when the application is started, or when a new drawing is opened. Updated to support the New Tab design (option 3).
  • STATUSBAR: Controls the display of the status bar. The application and drawing status bars are merged.

LT 2015 Removed Commands:
  • DASHBOARDSTATE: Determines whether the Dashboard window is active.
  • PREVIEWEFFECT: Specifies the visual effect used for previewing selection of objects.
  • RIBBONCONTEXTSELECT: Controls how ribbon contextual tabs are displayed when you single- or double-click an object.
LT 2015 Replaced Commands:
  • DDEDIT: Edits single-line text, dimension text, attribute definitions, and feature control frames. Replaced by TEXTEDIT.
  • DDPTYPE: Specifies the display mode and size of point objects. Replaced by PTYPE.
  • DDVPOINT: Sets the 3D viewing direction. Replaced by VPOINT.
  • ONLINECOLNOW: Starts an online session with AutoCAD WS, in which people that you invite can simultaneously view and edit your current drawing. Replaced by ONLINEAUTOCAD360, which opens AutoCAD360.