Sunday, September 30, 2012

AutoCAD/LT 2013 Tips and Links of Interest

Below are posts from fellow AutoCAD users with tips that are of equal use to LT users. Explore each link and start being more productive tomorrow.
  • Still using Vista? Better read this
  • Jimmy Bergmark: System Requirements for AutoCAD 2013: AutoCAD 2013 is soon to be released and now the System…
  • Autodesk Labs Scott: Try AutoCAD LT 2013 without downloading anything
  • Lynn Allen: Set new system variable in #AutoCAD 2013 - WIPEOUTFRAME to 2. Wipeout frames will display but not print!
  • Jeff Bartels: AutoCAD 2013 Tip: When finished revising MTEXT, press Ctrl+Enter to dismiss the editor.
  • Jeff Bartels: AutoCAD 2013 Tip: Use Annotation Monitor toggle in Status Bar to identify non-associative dims/leaders. Click "!" icons to reassociate.
  • Jimmy Bergmark: AutoCAD 2013 New Commands: In AutoCAD 2013 I have found these new commands. New commands…
  • AUGI: AUGIWorld April 2012 - What's New in Autodesk 2013 Products -
  • Autodesk: Exciting news for Google Drive users: Chrome Store apps @pixlr and #AutoCADWS have Drive integration: via @LATimes
  • AutoCAD LT: 2013 Updated Command Line
  • CAD Clues: New Post: 3 Things You Need to Know Before Installing AutoCAD 2013 #AutoCAD #Autodesk #Autodesk360 #Autocad2013
  • Jeff Bartels: AutoCAD 2013 Tip: Use Ctrl+Shift+L to add previously selected objects to current selection set.
  • Vladimir Michl: New CAD tip: Localization of Autodesk 2013 products using "Language ...
  • Autodesk Care: Looking to purchase or already own AutoCAD LT 2013? Mac and Windows users can now unite #autodesktip
  • Robert Green @Cadalyst says, “you need to explore Autodesk's new cloud solution, it will change the way we use AutoCAD”
  • Kate Morrical: Customization Sync in AutoCAD LT 2013
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