Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Specifying a different TEMP folder for AutoCAD/LT

AutoCAD/LT defaults to your Windows Log-in Temp folder location for many items (including your Autosave files) it needs to run every time you use the program. While this is convenient to program for the, it becomes difficult for you the end user to find these items when you need them the most.

To access your default Windows TEMP folder, you can either use Windows Explorer to go to the following folder:
or Click Start menu (Windows) then Run: In the Run dialog box, enter %TEMP% and click OK.

You can however set up AutoCAD/LT to use any other folder you may have or wish to create: this can me one single folder on your local PC that you can access quickly (in the screenshot example below I use a folder called TEMP located on my computer's C primary drive).

Or you can create multiple folders, one for each of the five categories in the screenshot above, or just one additional folder for your Autosave files for example. After you create one or ore of these folders in Windows Explorer, open OPTIONS command's FILES tab, select the entry you wish to change, select the folder name, tap the BROWSE button and browse to the new folder to select it.Just follow the sequence of numbers in the screenshot below.

You now can easily find your temp files and SV$ extention Autosave files quickly. ◦