Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tweets this week: how well do you know HELP in LT?

Below is a summary of topics we covered these last two weeks on Twitter, including many well written pages from HELP available to you in LT and other sources.

  • Kate Morrical: Dimension Across Viewports
  • User's Guide - Use Windows Cut, Copy, and Paste:
  • User's Guide - Correct Mistakes:
  • User's Guide - Modify Complex Objects:
  • LT2012 Patch #1 adds two new commands: ARRAYCLASSIC for the old dialog; SNAPGRIDLEGACY for access to snap with no command active.
  • AutoCAD LT 2012 Service Pack 1 available now:
  • User's Guide: Trim or Extend Objects:
  • User's Guide - Break and Join Objects:
  • User's Guide: Resize or Reshape Objects
  • HPBACKGROUNDCOLOR variable controls the background color for hatch patterns.
  • HPCOLOR variable, saved inside each drawing, Specifies a default COLOR for new hatches and fills.
  • HPLAYER variable, saved inside each drawing, Specifies a default other layer for new hatches and fills instead of the Current Layer.
  • Vladimir Michl: New CAD tip- How to convert an existing hatch to associative?
  • Not a user of Layer Filters? Try this simple quirky workaround using prefixed names “@EFinkelstein @tenlinksnews
  • Use MATCHPROP to match up scale factors, annotation scales and layer settings between viewports
  • Right click on the Layer drop-down to add to the Quick Access toolbar in AutoCAD/LT: CUI command to change the width.
  • Kean Walmsley: Increasing the size of AutoCADs command line history: Ever been frustrated when scrolling up in the AutoCAD.
  • RENAME command and it's many abilities:

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